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Google has officially released its new iPhone application, which you’ll be directed to if you point your iPhone web browser to The new application is very much the portal-style landing page you’d expect from Google. Still very simplistic in appearance, it merely offers tabs for quick access to most of its other applications–Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Docs, Reader, Picasa and more.

iphone-logo-spaced.pngThe purpose of the new iPhone application is to grant easier access to all of Google’s services. As long as mobile browsing has been around, it has been important for carriers and search engines to go the portal route. That trend started out for practicality reasons, as mobile web browsing was very rudimentary, and it’s evolved only in the manner in which carriers and search engines can fit more into the screen for navigational purposes.

On the one hand, the very nature of mobile web browsing does not fully mimic PC web browsing, so the infamous portal serves its purpose for sensible navigation. On the other hand, Google’s getting us all plumped and prepped for the easy access to its applications that will be coming around soon enough, thanks to Android. Through this iPhone app, some AT&T customers may still get a tiny taste of Google’s influence, but now that Verizon has signed on for Android support, the mobile game (in terms of browsing/navigation and applications ) may be about to change yet again.

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This application is the best irc client for java-enabled phone. jmIrc is supported for any mobile phone and compiled with java MIDP 1.0

Likes MIRC, it has many feature set including support and a standalone proxy for phones that can work with sockets or HTTP proxy. additionally multiple channels, color support, multiple windows, universal character sets (UTF-8) and fast scrolling of the windows are supported.

To set up the HTTP proxy server you need to download the HttpIrcProxy (.jar file)
jmIrc and Http Irc proxy can be downloaded from or download from that java mobiles for games and Applications blogs

file name: HttpIrcProxy
release: HttpIrcProxy 0.37
file type:.jar
file size: 19,6 KB
download http Irc proxy instantly here

file name: jmIrc
release: jmIrc-0.95
file type:.jar
file size: 35 KB
download Jmirc instantly here

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Azan times or Athan times is prayer times for mobile phone that used to listen athan every five times a day.

Its compatible for all mobile phone with java enable, likes Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola and many other models.

* Prayer Times for more than 25,000 Cities worldwide
* robotic Azan on every prayer time
* Qiblah/compass Direction
* Hijri Date
* Fully customized to add any city
* Multiple Azan Sounds

read more about Azan times on

Download Azan Times here
file size: 700 Kb

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About poor credit and home loan.

In our days, mortgage banks offer a wide range of products ready to conditions of payments and flexible. The mortgage banks have provided loans to housing for humans with less than perfect credit. We want to refinancing or taking a new home loans to develop our economics live, but we do not have adequate credit to a customer. The solution that we would have been what is called “bad credit home loans.” These types of loans are primarily on borrowers to repay its debts quickly at low monthly payments affordable. The best is that we need a perfect credit score misuse at home credit loans.

Many of us would be inclined to believe that poor credit score, housing loans are difficult to obtain, unless we pay a high interest rate. But there is a possibility to use the house of poor loans credit, even whether we have a low credit score, whether we have our property or house as collateral protection, our country is ready sanction clear.

If we are for a loan, credit to our customers an vital aspect in our home loan. The lender wants to know whether we are regularly paying our creditors, or whether we had a bankruptcy is possible at any moment. These reports are considered a financial contribution and our history shows, they all credit. It is next the criteria for granting the loan. Otherwise, we have a poor credit score, the lender would be negotiating a higher interest rate than usual for our poor credit loans.

It is possibility of payment of refinancing loans available, where we have a loan for some additional cash against the property that we own. With that money, soon after we can all loan repayments, we saw high interest rates. But we must understand that the refinancing of our right to property, we are a weakening of our position as owner of the building. A provision a poor credit, loans, we can only by the availability of our property as a second mortgage or loan Home Equity. Home equity loans are usually unsecured credit to pay off, as College taxes, bills of credit cards, poor credit auto loans, and so therefore, we can ill-credit, loans, even whether we do not have a grade credited to the customer.

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Moby Explorer is an application used to FTP client and File Manager. Its built in text editor so we can write notes, file encryption so the file more secure, Zip support with GZip protocol to compres files, and remote editing so we can transfer from anyway.

Moby Explorer v3.0 support for Sony Ericsson and all Nokia series with java enable. But its recommended to Nokia 40 Series 3rd edition.

Main features:

*FTP Client
*File Encryption
*File Compression
*Text Editor
*Dual system, its mean we can transfer file from local to local, local to remote, remote to remote and remote to local. Local files are these files

This file has registered, but we can enter the cipher manually from Menu > Mobiexplorer> Register, Enter cipher and done!

Download Moby Explorer v3.0
platform: J2ME (Java)
file type : .jar
file size : 123 Kb

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Alpha Wing 2 is an arcade game that compatible for Nokia and Sony Ericsson user.

Your mission in that action packed shoot ’em up game is to locate the enemy home world, infiltrate the control network, and destroy the central command facility. Multiple weapon types, lots of different enemies, and stunning graphical surroundings makes Alpha Wing one of the most captivating games of its kind!

Main features:

* The futuristic sequel to the multi million-selling mobile game across three intergalactic planetary systems
* Choose from three distinctive characters with individual strengths and strange weapons
* gather power-ups to boost your firepower and improve your score
* New vertical scrolling mechanic enhances playability with a more intuitive flow of action
* Multiple levels of action with huge boss battles and teeth-jarring explosions
* Upload your high scores to complete against others and show off your piloting skills!
* Multi langauge such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Download Alpha Wing 2 here
File type: .jar (Platform J2ME)
File size : 496 KB

This spread taken from Alpha Wing Review and Official Alpha Wing Sites

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Opera mini is the fastest of mobile browser. It can compressed details packed very high. And the most fundamental, opera mini 4 is free with new features.

* Synchronize any web urls, bookmarks and any other browser with opera mobile browser.

*View Pages in Landscape mode and flip mode so we can access the page on wider screen.

*This deisgn has integrated with blackberry device, so blackberry users can use opera mini 4.

*A virtual mouse so we can easily scroll in any direction.

*View in small screen. Opera mini 4 have rendering feature and can perfectly resized for your phone.

Download opera mini 4 for MIDP2 by clicking here
or, you can download from Opera mini official web

File type: .jar
Size: 99 kb

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