The lengthy awaited eWallet application finally hit the AppStore by the weekend.  Anyone from the Palm or Windows Mobile world should recognize that make by Ilium Software — unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere.

eWallet by Ilium Software for iPhone 2.0

eWallet by Ilium Software for iPhone 2.0

eWallet has a clean interface, easy and intuitive to use, while you can rest assured that your private knowledge is kept just that – private.  The application is rich in features and it is highly customizable to your likings.  Creating a new wallet, card or changing knowledge on the fly is only a few taps away.

It is unlucky that a desktop version for Mac is not available (yet). According to Ellen Craw of Ilium Software, a version of the iPhone desktop sync is in the works, which may be available in August or later in the year.  You can sleep well at night knowing that that is the company’s “immediate” priority on their to do list.  Existing eWallet customers that have *.wlt files will not be able to sync them to the iPhone yet, but stay tune; the company is working hard to deliver that much needed functionality.

eWallet costs $9.99 and you can buy it directly from the AppStore on your iPhone or via iTunes.  Another comparable application we’re reviewing is SplashID, which does have a Mac Desktop client that you can synch via WiFi.  Our review should be up in the next day or two.  More data on eWallet is available on Ilium’s blog.

eWallet by Ilium for iPhone 2.0 demo

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