Sonim LM801 Rugged Mobile Phone

Sonim has introduced its new rugged mobile phone at IFA that week. The Sonim LM801 candybar phone comes with an integrated flashlight, laser pointer, magnetic compass, barometer / altimeter, FM radio, and thermometer. that yellow and black handset plus features the water and dust resistant casing. [Pocket-lint]


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One Response to “Sonim LM801 Rugged Mobile Phone”

John McDermott January 21, 2010

This is not sonim, but a cheap imitation by Condurro or Durrocomm as they are now known. The Durrocomm in inherently faulty. Do NOT buy this phone. The company (of Swindon, SN8 3RH UK) are also refusing to refund me! It took a light tap and the screen became unreadable, not to mention the torch stopped working after 3 days, and the charger lacks any dexterity and is easily broken.